Fireman slides and other merriment.

I’m always looking for new and different (and inexpensive!) fitness options, when a coupon for a dance studio by my house arrived in my inbox, I promptly took advantage. This was not your ‘typical’ dance studio. Among the offerings at the Goddess Warrior Studio was chair dance, pole dance as well as some more traditional … Continue reading

Lessons in Photos

Taking pictures is something I’ve wanted to get better at ever since I bought my Nikon D40 two and a half years ago before I left for China and Tibet in 2008. I dabbled a bit in online photography guides and asking friends for pointers, but it wasn’t until a friend suggested (“in the spirit … Continue reading

2011 Manifesto

1. More experiences, fewer things. (,, 2. More produce, less processed. ( 3. More art and music, less television. (, 4. More books, less facebook. ( 5. More movement and travel, fewer excuses. (,, AONC) 6. More knowledge, less judgement. (,,,, 7. More verbs, fewer adjectives. (, … Continue reading

Iterations of yes.

I am beginning this journey with an introduction to my project and a little background on how I got here and what I hope this becomes. I mentioned my thoughts to a few trusted friends and they thought I should blog about it, in the spirit of ‘yes’, I listened, answered ‘yes’ and here it … Continue reading