Oh, but you are great.

It’s so easy to focus on the things you aren’t good at, isn’t it? But, what if we focused on the things we are good at?

Nike does a great job of making us all feel good about our little accomplishments in their latest ad, “Find Greatness”.

I’ve already watched it a handful of times, and might make it my alarm setting in the morning. Nothing like watching other people work hard and achieve their greatness to motivate you to get up and moving in the morning, eh?

This ad also got me to thinking… what if I was as good at articulating the truth as Brock Kirby (the copywriter for this ad) is? But, here’s the thing: I’m not. I could practice and I could work towards it, but it’s not my strength. I’m always working on improving my weaknesses (which I think everyone should do), but to be truly great, we can’t forget to also keep strengthening our strengths. I’m good at planning things and including people and connecting with people. I mobilize people on a daily basis in my job and I love it. Maybe I’m not a W+K Nike account quality copywriter, but I am good at other things. And that, is my own greatness.


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