I’m back to the Rancho La Puerto talk from LOHAS 2010. Deborah, the founder of the ranch, kept encouraging us to USE our experiences. In fact, she told a story about how she requested downtime in her speaking and travel schedule for this very purpose. She would get some heat for it, but she never budged – at least twice a day, she had time alone to reflect on things that had happened.

I was discussing a recent lack of inspiration with one of my closest friends and she says this to me, “Sometimes it’s nice to have a lull in trying new things. Gives you time to reflect on the experiences you’ve had. Otherwise, you’re just going through the motions. It’s the combination of anticipating, doing and then reflecting.” How’d she get so wise in her short 27 years?

This comes back to what Deborah from Rancho La Puerto had to say – USE your experiences. Experiences mean nothing unless they are reflected upon and used to shape and guide future experiences, thoughts and ideas. Sometimes, you’ll see things you like in the reflection, other times you won’t. Sometimes, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself or others or the world at large, other times you won’t. If you never take time to examine these things, that potential to grow and change goes down pretty significantly.

How have you used your time lately? Even more importantly, how have you used your experiences?


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