No ruckus for me.

I was pretty pumped to get an invitation to the Wu Tang concert from a friend I met a few weeks ago. He got me a comp ticket, which was super generous and unexpected. I was stoked to really do something I normally wouldn’t. And, I had such a great time at the Congress Theatre watching Pretty Lights the weekend before, I was pretty excited.

A friend from MI and his girlfriend drove down the evening of the concert. She was going to lay low while he and I went with my friends. After a delicious dinner at the local Mexican joint down my street, we stopped at my friend’s house to meet up with the group, grabbed a cab and headed over. About 1/4 mile away from our destination, we could see blue lights flashing and people swarming the vicinity. We tipped the driver, jumped out and got straight in line. There was some sort of ruckus going on near the entrance, but we stayed out of it and chatted about how cold we were. A woman from the theatre came around giving instructions saying “If you have a comp ticket, might as well get out of line!” WHAT!? I have a comp ticket! What does this mean!?

I trekked over to will call and asked the gentleman there what I needed to do to get into the show. “No dice,” he said. Another friend came in to pick up his ticket and we strategized on how to possibly get me in. Nothing really came to mind, so I called his girlfriend (also a friend of mine), who was patiently (and graciously) waiting for us back at my place, to come pick me up.

I ended up having a really nice evening catching up with an old friend and resting and relaxing. We had great conversation. And, I woke up the next morning refreshed and feeling like I had kicked my cold.

I was disappointed I didn’t make it into the concert, but I think I got exactly what I needed. Funny how that happens.


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