2011 Manifesto

1. More experiences, fewer things. (iterationsofyes.wordpress.com, becomingminimalist.com, zenhabits.net)
2. More produce, less processed. (chicagogreencitymarket.org)
3. More art and music, less television. (spudart.org/artchicago/links, consequenceofsound.net)
4. More books, less facebook. (www.chipublib.org)
5. More movement and travel, fewer excuses. (active.com, meetup.com, AONC)
6. More knowledge, less judgement. (ted.com, rsa.org, npr.org, good.is, lohas.com)
7. More verbs, fewer adjectives. (zenhabits.net/the-little-rules-of-action, one brick, volunteermatch.org)

Care to join me? What do you want to do more of? What will you do less of to accomodate?

[I welcome more ideas on how to do these things. Leave suggestions in the comments.]


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